How to Sell cleaning services sydney to a Skeptic

Cleaning your home and maintaining a healthy living environment for yourself and your family can be stressful and time consuming - especially for families with children and two working parents.



Sometimes it seems next to impossible to find the time to make sure every aspect of your home stays clean. From window cleaning, snow removal, laundry and more, your task list of things to do every week can be extremely overwhelming. Luckily there are services to help you out.

If you're looking to alleviate some of the stress associated with home cleaning and maintenance, you might want to consider investing in some cleaning services. Here are some of the most popular cleaning services for today's homeowners:

1. Window Washing Services. Window washing is time consuming and physically exhausting. Some homes are easier than others (depending on how many levels you have) but regardless of how high your windows are, the task is extremely difficult. There are several window cleaning services in every area. They'll take the work off your hands - all you have to do is pay them for it.

2. Maid Services. Home cleaning services are becoming more and more popular for today's homeowners. Many families are choosing to invest in a maid service to come clean their home once or twice a month. Cleaning services offer many packages and reputable companies will make sure their employees have gone through proper background checks to make sure you can trust the person you're letting into your home. Costs for maid services vary depending on the size of your home, the frequency of the cleanings and the company you choose to hire.

3. Snow Removal Services. Removing snow from your driveways and walkways can be physically draining - especially for elderly individuals. Many people who have severe back problems and heart problems dread having to remove the snow in the winter. Luckily, there are thousands of snow removal companies ready and waiting to do the work for you. If you have health problems - or simply hate shovelling - we highly suggest investing in snow removal services.

There are a number of other services available to help you maintain your home. Sewer cleaning, paint removal, junk removal and furnace cleaning are all very popular services for everyday homeowners. Sometimes, you simply need to step back and let others do the work for you. It's that simple.

A good commercial cleaning service can help you keep your office or building space looking polished and professional, leaving you to concentrate on the most important things, like running your business. One of your first questions for any service should be what services they provide.


Medium to large scale companies can usually offer the widest range of products and customization. The following is a run-down of typically available services.

Routine Office Cleaning

Depending on how large your building is and how much your businesses traffic sees each day, you can arrange services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In order to preserve good hygiene and a professional appearance, the areas that need frequent routine cleaning include restrooms and door knobs and handles that get a lot of use regularly.

Similarly, telephones and light switches need the dame constant care. These need to be both washed and disinfected often to keep germ populations to a minimum. A commercial provider can easily handle this as well as things like trash and recycling removal, floor cleaning, and general dusting of all shelves and office furniture. Another crucial area is the kitchen and lounge room.

Your company can keep these spaces scrubbed sydney cleaning and sterile, making it a safe place for employees to eat and rest. Then of course, there are the routine things that you dont think about much but are truly necessary to keeping your office looking and feeling its best. Your commercial service can perform these things like clearing the baseboards and light fixtures, wiping down the blinds, and dusting out the air conditioning vents.

Window Washing

While this is also a task that needs to be done routinely, keeping both the inside and outside windows clean can be challenging depending on the size of your building and the location of the windows. A good commercial company will design a plan to get all of your glass surfaces clean on a regular basis and many can even take care of the maintenance of your screens and awnings.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have any significant amount of carpeted space in your office building, it is going to need to be cleaned regularly, not just vacuumed. Many offer carpet cleaning on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule.

This typically includes the use of professional machines and eco-friendly chemicals that will pull out ugly stains and remove any unpleasant smells. Before signing on with the carpet cleaning contract, it would be smart to ask if the chemicals used by the company are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Other Floor Services

If you have anything but carpet in your office, it too will require regular care and maintenance. A commercial service can generally handle stripping and waxing surfaces like tile, stone, hardwood, and linoleum. Some may be able to tackle more specialized care if needed.

Construction Cleanup

One final service that cleaning companies can offer your business is help in getting your office back to normal after any remodeling or repairs take place. Specifically, this can include removing all the dust and dirt built up during the construction as well as general cleaning of all affected surfaces.

Each company will offer other services not mentioned here and selecting the right cleaning firm will be a matter of finding the one that offers all the services your office requires. The key is to understand your office needs first!